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[ branding ]

what is branding?

A brand represents the image of a company, product or service. Consumers connect and relate to the brand by recognising its name, logo, slogan, design and style.

Branding is applying this image to marketing, therefore making the brand even more recognisable. In turn people also start associating the brand with a certain level of quality and service.

stringlite takes branding seriously!

StringLite believes in the consistent application of your brand throughout all media. In doing this, the communicated message is immediately recognised and associated to your company or product. We work within the guidelines of your existing brand or can help establish a new brand which we then roll out systematically.

For smaller companies this can be done in phases, where each addtional project (business card, letterhead, flyer, brochure, website, etc.) builds on the brand, developing it further.

logo development

The logo is where it all begins. Logo development can be quite specific, i.e. "I want an oak tree with a swing above the words Oak Rest, in light greens and oranges". Or it can be a process where we first get to know your company and your clients. We ask for a list of adjectives which best describe the personality of your company and visual references you identify with. We then develop some concepts which are refined into preliminary designs from which the final logo is selected and set.

Logo development

Below are various logos developed by StringLite.

Annasa Holdings

Annasa Holdings needed logos and identities for two of their companies - Annasa Consulting and Annasa Events. They had to be different but share a common style and theme. Annasa means new beginning, so we based the concept around a rising sun and a new day. StringLite also created business cards and a shared website.


Namlog required rebranding. We developed a new logo, designed and printed business cards and a glossy brochure as well as created a website. We assisted in generating copy for the brochure and website.

The Hedgehog Event

The Hedgehog Event already had a logo but did not have a strong or cohesive identity or brand. An identity was established and rolled out over a period of time and across the following media: business cards, CD-ROM labels, flyers, brochures, notepads, menus, adverts, signage, monthly HTML newsletters and the website.